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why hello you!

I am so honored that you would take the time to learn about me as a photographer. Let's get started!

It's actually quite hard to summarize the type of photographer that I am. From a top down view, I would have to say that I am a real-moments kinda girl with a closet-chef and budding artist mixed in for good measure. That means things like live events, tasty everyday food, and documentary style shooting. I've been a fly on the wall for as long as I can remember. My lens is just an extension of my fly-eyes. I like to capture the moments that make experiences and people memorable.

When I shoot events, my style is a bohemian mix of documentary, portraiture, and art. When I shoot food, I want you to see the pic and want to lick the page unceremoniously. When I shoot people, I like to wait for the moment when they forget I'm there, interact with each other, or show me a true emotion in reaction to what's going on or who's around them. When I shoot music, I am looking for the moment when the musician feels the music or feels the crowd. Click. 

I shoot in ambient light with a Nikon D750 and edit using Lightroom. I love black and white photography. If I see the right amount of contrast, or something abstract or artistic in the composition, I will probably render an additional black and white image for you. I love creative composition and making connections between people and objects in my photos. Also, from time to time, a photo calls to me to play with it and render it into a more artistic form. Let's just say that I obsess over your photos and spend way too much time loving on them. This is a passion far more than it's a job.

My current long-as-day professional bucket list includes collaborating on a new cookbook with another person as crazy in love with food as I am. Could you be the one?? 

I've been published online with Billboard, Univision, NPRAlcade, and in print with the Austin American Statesman. My work can also be seen on the album covers of Brownout's Fear of a Brown Planet and Tomar and the FCs Heart Attack. I've photographed several music events such as the SXSW/Austin Music Awards for the Austin Chronicle and the SIMS Foundation events for the Craftbox Agency. My clients also include several bands and music producers, local women entrepreneurs launching their own businesses, such as The Cook's NookDANZA Center for the Arts, and the Sneaky Apron, community organizations like El Buen Samaritano, People's Community ClinicAmerican Gateways, and Austin Bakes, and countless families across Austin. I hope to continue to weave my soul in the photographs that make up this amazing creative city that I am proud to call home.

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Photo Courtesy of: Todd Crusham

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